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  • ..January 24, 2021

    Like everything else in the past 10 months or so, the Annual Catholic Appeal will be different this year. Next weekend is the “Announcement Weekend” and the following weekend is for commitments, but that is where things will be different. Watch this space next weekend for the first bits of information, and then the following weekend is when we’ll hear the Cardinal’s homily and I’ll do the “in-pew” part.

    However, you won’t be given envelopes or pencils to fill out those envelopes for, I think, obvious reasons. The envelopes will be available at the check-in tables for you to take home and return by mail or to us the following weekend. And since I won’t be going through the laborious process of instructing you on filling out the envelopes, Masses won’t be as long a usual on a commitment weekend. ...Read More >

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